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Not your typical Digital Marketing Agency.

How we work is shaped by who we are

Here at Brew Digital - proudly part of the Adaptavist Group - our expert technical knowledge is delivered with a twist of creativity and camaraderie.

Gareth Llewellyn illustration

Gareth Llewellyn

Managing Director

Gareth Llewellyn headshot
Eliza Watts illustration

Eliza Watts

Operations Team Lead

Eliza Watts headshot
Ian Arrowsmith illustration

Ian Arrowsmith

Lead Project Manager

Ian Arrowsmith headshot
Rich Harper illustration

Rich Harper

Head of Digital Marketing Services

Rich Harper headshot
Rob Parvin illustration

Rob Parvin

Senior Engineering Team Lead

Rob Parvin headshot
Sophie Caswell illustration

Sophie Caswell

Head of Innovation and Strategic Growth

Sophie Caswell headshot
Steph Smith illustration

Steph Smith

Head of Design

Steph Smith headshot
Adam Fotheringham illustration

Adam Fotheringham

Full Stack Web Developer

Adam Fotheringham headshot
Alice Wood illustration

Alice Wood

Project Manager

Alice Wood headshot
Alex Watts illustration

Alex Watts

Associate Web Developer

Alex Watts headshot
Andrej Babic illustration

Andrej Babic

Co-Creative Director

Andrej Babic headshot
Ben Wilsonham illustration

Ben Wilsonham

Senior Digital Designer

Ben Wilsonham headshot
Brendan Purchase illustration

Brendan Purchase

Principal Designer

Brendan Purchase headshot
Cameron Webby illustration

Cameron Webby

Full Stack Web Developer

Cameron Webby headshot
Ciaran O'Neill illustration

Ciaran O'Neill

Account Manager

Ciaran O'Neill headshot
Clare Britton illustration

Clare Britton

Project Manager

Clare Britton headshot
Cristian Plop illustration

Cristian Plop

Back End Developer

Cristian Plop headshot
Damien Cook illustration

Damien Cook

Apprentice Web Developer

Damien Cook headshot
Danica Walpole illustration

Danica Walpole

Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Danica Walpole headshot
Debbie Gacutan-Jardim de Oliveira illustration

Debbie Gacutan-Jardim de Oliveira

Social Media and Community Manager

Debbie Gacutan-Jardim de Oliveira headshot
Derek Lawrie illustration

Derek Lawrie

Web Developer Team Lead

Derek Lawrie headshot
Flo Thomas illustration

Flo Thomas

Senior Digital Designer

Flo Thomas headshot
Gemma Crane illustration

Gemma Crane

Digital Designer

Gemma Crane headshot
Haydn Williams illustration

Haydn Williams

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Haydn Williams headshot
Hazel Thacker illustration

Hazel Thacker

Digital Designer

Hazel Thacker headshot
Jason Morris illustration

Jason Morris

SEO Marketing Manager

Jason Morris headshot
Jim Wigger illustration

Jim Wigger

Web Developer Team Lead

Jim Wigger headshot
Jonah Cunningham illustration

Jonah Cunningham

Digital Designer

Jonah Cunningham headshot
Ken Cheung illustration

Ken Cheung

Full Stack Web Developer

Ken Cheung headshot
Kerry Daniels illustration

Kerry Daniels

Digital Designer

Kerry Daniels headshot
Luke Graaf illustration

Luke Graaf

Digital Design Intern

Luke Graaf headshot
Lucie Morgan illustration

Lucie Morgan

Project Manager

Lucie Morgan headshot
Mark Bundle illustration

Mark Bundle

Senior Email Marketing Manager

Mark Bundle headshot
Martin Sherwood illustration

Martin Sherwood

Senior Front End Developer

Martin Sherwood headshot
Martin Short illustration

Martin Short

Web Developer Team Lead

Martin Short headshot
Matija Janjic illustration

Matija Janjic

Full Stack Web Developer

Matija Janjic headshot
Michele Raffaelli illustration

Michele Raffaelli

Paid Media Manager

Michele Raffaelli headshot
Nasya Nasseira illustration

Nasya Nasseira

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Nasya Nasseira headshot
Oliver Keane illustration

Oliver Keane

Associate Web Developer

Oliver Keane headshot
Paulo Lima illustration

Paulo Lima

Digital Designer

Paulo Lima headshot
Rita Mendes Gil illustration

Rita Mendes Gil

Project Manager

Rita Mendes Gil headshot
Rosie Wynne illustration

Rosie Wynne

Operations Coordinator

Rosie Wynne headshot
Ross Stratton illustration

Ross Stratton

Paid Media Manager

Ross Stratton headshot
Sarah Tennent illustration

Sarah Tennent

Co-Creative Director

Sarah Tennent headshot
Saufi Mohd Nor illustration

Saufi Mohd Nor

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Saufi Mohd Nor headshot
ShinRoo Chao illustration

ShinRoo Chao

SEO Marketing Manager

ShinRoo Chao headshot
Trudy Turner illustration

Trudy Turner

Associate Digital Designer

Trudy Turner headshot
Will Stenner illustration

Will Stenner

Senior Front End Web Developer

Will Stenner headshot

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