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Lawrence House
5 St Andrews Hill

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Brew Digital

Lawrence House
5 St Andrews Hill

01603 343301
Monday - Friday 9am - 5:30pm
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What We Do

Bringing the human back into creative agencies.

Here at brew we pride ourselves on our people and their ability to create award winning solutions. Our service offerings are flexible to any size project.

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We offer an in-depth analysis to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

  • Research
  • Interviews
  • Communication
  • Strategy
  • User Testing
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Our aim is to improve the design and functionality of your product.

  • Brand Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • UI / UX
  • Motion Design
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Our agile development methods allow quick changes and collaboration.

  • Full Stack Dev
  • Rich Media
  • Usability Testing
  • QA Testing
  • Bespoke Dev
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Content Production

Allow your website to shout your brand with excellent content for your users.

  • Creative Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • 2D / 3D Illustration

How We Work

How do you take yours?

To understand your project fully we like to understand both the goals of the project and your company’s core goal or mission statement.
With a simple 3 step process we will make your perfect brew.


A handful of Brew thoughts?

We like to share our thoughts whether it be on the best solutions in modern tech or how we felt about a book that we read. Get stuck into our bingeworthy blog.

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December 1, 2021

Harness the power of focus

As a lead facilitator of Decision Sprints I frequently get asked, what’s the benefit? How does this differ from other workshop techniques? And believe me, if you’ve been in businesses of a reasonable size for any length of time, you’ll think you’ve seen it all.     When we ask our clients for feedback on … Continued
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July 28, 2021

When you can’t get a cloning machine, use a Decision Sprint… and win back weeks of time

It really feels like time is the most precious commodity for a growing business. As someone who runs a fast growing team within a business in hypergrowth, I am constantly aware that there are opportunities that we’re missing out on.
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Brew Digital
Lawrence House
5 St Andrews Hill
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