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The beauty of repurposing content: turning your single piece of content into loads of little ones

Leveraging your content to maximise its reach and return

You’ve spent time creating a content plan, and your team are smashing it out of the park with a well-oiled production cycle. But are you really leveraging the content to its full potential? If repurposing doesn’t factor in your marketing plans, then the answer is an emphatic ‘no!’

‘Repurposing’ is taking a piece of content, and transforming it into a new medium appropriate for a different platform. For instance, you might record a video and then cut it up into segments appropriate for social media, or create graphics and pull quotes based on a larger interview. Or, for example, you might write an article based on a podcast segment… (Subscribe to Marketers of the Universe here). 

There are many benefits to content repurposing, and these are some of the main ones. 

Extends the lifespan of your content

You’ve spent time and money creating great content, so why should it only have one time to shine? The idea behind evergreen content is that it is always relevant, so make the most of that by resharing it regularly, or pulling out information and presenting it in new formats and on new platforms. 

If you’ve written resource blogs, or an analysis on a particular topic, updating it with new information as it comes out also helps keep the content fresh, and gives you a perfect excuse to reshare it. 

Repurposing gives your content a much longer lifespan and allows it to remain relevant beyond its initial publication.

Reaches New Audiences

A key benefit of repurposing content is that it allows you to reach new audiences. If you created a video that only sits on YouTube or Vimeo, you could recut it into snippets and then post it on Instagram, or TikTok. Perhaps you’ve written a blog for your website, why not share it on LinkedIn? Taking the key messaging and then repackaging it into new formats that feel native to different platforms is a great way to gain traction on those new platforms – nobody enjoys seeing things that feel like they’ve just been thoughtlessly crossposted. 

Another way you can reach new audiences through repurposing is by translating your content. This is a more involved process, but AI is making multi-lingual content – even multimedia – more accessible. 

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