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Brew Digital’s exciting expansion into North America

December 7th, 2022   |   Gareth Llewellyn

Introducing Brew Digital, Canada

Brew Digital is thrilled to announce our first acquisition. Niche Studios in Kitchener (near Toronto), Canada, has joined the Brew Digital team as part of our continued growth.

Sarah Tennent and Andrej Babic started Niche Studios and have an established customer base in the Greater Toronto Area. They focus on brand identity, photography, digital, and print design for local gyms and fitness trainers, medical clinics and spas, real estate and new developments, and other digital marketing firms. They have been doing great work as Niche Studies for nearly three years, helping their customers stand out and grow their businesses in their local market.

Niche Studios has rebranded to become Brew Digital, Canada, and by being part of the larger Brew Digital team, we can pool our resources and customer base.

photo of Andrej and Sarah.

“We started this small studio years ago with just two laptops, a strong friendship, and a dream. Growing Niche Studios into something bigger was always part of the plan; we just didn’t know exactly what that plan looked like. We feel so lucky that this growth happened so quickly, and even luckier that it happened at the hand of Brew Digital. Brew Digital is nothing short of talented, innovative, warm, and just plain fun—it really was the right fit for Niche Studios. We’re so passionate about what we do and we’re grateful our careers are creative outlets for us. We couldn’t be more excited to rebrand Niche Studios to Brew Digital, Canada, and proudly serve the greater Toronto community with exceptional design. This really is a dream come true for us."
Sarah Tennent, Co-Creative Director, Brew Digital, Canada

Brew Digital’s continued growth

Brew Digital has grown strongly over the past two years, expanding both our UK and Malaysian teams. This acquisition marks our first exciting steps into North America.

For our customers, this acquisition and our growth enables Brew Digital to grow our capacity and capabilities while providing greater timezone coverage and cultural diversity. Sarah and Andrej bring fresh ideas and unique insights and, on top of that, are lovely people to have around.

On a personal level, it’s fantastic to welcome them and their enthusiasm and expertise. In their short time at Brew Digital, they have been integrating with the wider team and jumping into new projects. It feels fantastic to be part of a truly global team!

“Identifying a great acquisition can be challenging, as you have to ensure that the new team is going to fit in well with the existing team. Cultural fit and attitude is everything, so we spent a good amount of time ensuring that Niche Studios were right for us, but also that Brew Digital was the right home for Niche Studios going forward. Sarah and Andrej’s enthusiasm is infectious; I know we're at the start of a very exciting journey in Canada."
Gareth Llewellyn, Managing Director, Brew Digital

Acquisition vs. organic growth

Deciding when to acquire another company rather than growing organically through regular hiring and building a team gradually is a significant decision for a business. Brew Digital has been expanding organically through recruitment in the UK over the past few years, However, for the expansion into Canada, an acquisition makes a lot of sense. 

Acquiring an existing team comes with a heavier upfront financial commitment, however, it also reduces the risk when expanding into a new territory in several ways: 

  • There is a complete team that we already know works well together; 

  • They have an existing customer base which reduces the commercial risk—they won't be spending months and months just trying to find work;

  • They have already proved that there is a market for their services, and they understand it, given that they have been running a successful business;

  • They have a track record of successful delivery and have shown that they have a strong entrepreneurial spirit—something that is vital for success when expanding into new territories. 

Starting a business from scratch and growing beyond the founders is tough. The acquisition enables Niche Studios to achieve its long-term ambitions with the backing of the wider Brew Digital team.

Brew Digital continues to grow from strength to strength enabling long-lasting partnerships with our customers. Talk to us about how we can help you with your branding, digital, or print design needs wherever you are (and now, especially if you’re in Canada)!

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