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Taking The Adaptavist Group’s brand to new heights with designer Hazel Thacker

November 9th, 2023   |   Tom Inniss

We are pleased to announce the rebrand of The Adaptavist Group (TAG), providing a new strong, consistent, fun, and agile house style that will propel the company – and its sister brands – forward. We at Brew Digital were excited to take on the challenge of such an important job, and the results, in our humble opinion, speak for themselves. 

We caught up with Digital Designer Hazel Thacker, who oversaw the rebrand, to get the lowdown on what’s new and how we got here. This was her first rebrand since joining Brew Digital in April, and by far the largest project she’s worked on to date. Discussing the work, she said she “absolutely loved the experience”, and that collaborating with TAG and the other designers to methodically work through the process was both exciting and rewarding. 

Why did Adaptavist want to change their branding? 

The original TAG branding drew inspiration from Adaptavist branding, incorporating similar colours and styles. As TAG evolved into a more prominent public-facing entity, taking on an umbrella role, the need for a distinct identity became evident. The new branding had to be inclusive and appeal to a wide range of groups, such as future employees, future partners, potential customers and external stakeholders.

What was your brief? 

The branding needed to convey human connection, expertise, positivity, and trigger an emotional response. We needed to visually explain what TAG did, while remaining visually distinct and fun through spot illustrations and icons. 

Could you talk us through the process of starting a brand redesign?

I began the process by conducting extensive research into similar brands, studying their aesthetics and strategies. I contemplated how TAG could find common ground and distinguish itself. Compiling a moodboard with all my concepts, I deconstructed the brief, scrutinising each element and gathered all my visual references.

Did you have to factor the organisations that make up TAG in this process? 

I did have to factor them in, and think about the styles that already existed to ensure TAG fully reflected their energy, but also set itself apart.

How did you decide on the new colour palette for TAG?

I examined TAG's personality by creating a mind map of buzzwords extracted from the current website and the revised brief. I considered the existing colours in the palette and how they correspond to different facets of TAG’s personality. For instance, denim blue represented knowledge and expertise, cobalt blue denoted leadership and innovation, and orange symbolised technology and energy. However, there was a need for colours that could convey excitement, transformation, and vitality. This gave rise to the gradient palette.

What was your favourite part to work on?

Developing the illustration style was my favourite part. It involved researching a diverse array of styles, and considering the unique possibilities of each one. The energy at the start of a project, where you have a sense of limitless opportunities, is a brilliant feeling. 

It allowed me the freedom to dream, experiment and push the boundaries, which is always a highlight for me.

Is branding ever ‘finished’, or do you view it as an ever-evolving thing?

Branding is a living and breathing thing, evolving in tandem with the company’s growth and transformations. It constantly undergoes refinement, adaptation and advancement. What we have accomplished with the rebrand is a solid foundation and set of clear guidelines for the current moment.

Already I’m thrilled to see how people are taking what we created and applying it to different contexts and scenarios that I hadn’t even considered. 

Is there anything else you wanted to add about the rebrand, or the process? 

Every member of the design team played a crucial role in making this rebrand a reality. They all contributed to the designs, providing solutions, expanding TAG’s creative horizons, and offering unwavering encouragement and enthusiasm. In addition to the design team’s contributions, the exceptional guidance and organisation provided by my managers, Rita and Steph, played a pivotal role in ensuring the project’s success.


You can view the newly launched brand in action at

Has all this talk of rebranding got you evaluating your own brand and wondering what you could do to freshen it up? Contact Brew Digital today and work with our amazing designers to elevate your branding to stand out from the crowd. 

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