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Who are Brew Digital? Meet the team behind your next campaign

May 23rd, 2023   |   Lou Walden

Who are Brew Digital? 

Sure, we’re a full service digital agency, but who are the people that make Brew Digital the glorious place it is?

We’re all over the world so working remotely is how we roll. And there’s no way we’d be able to fit personalised introductions for everyone into a blog that didn’t go on longer than a George R.R. Martin novel. 

So, instead, we’ve opted for a vibe, or a sense of Brew Digital, a text-based mood board if you will, that lets you get a feel for how our team of talented artists, coders, market analysts, brand managers and communicators perceive themselves, collectively (but not like The Borg).

Quick fire questions

What animal would the Brew Digital team be and why?

If Brew Digital were an animal, we’d be either a chameleon or a koala (or both, a mash-up and great alliteration). A chameleon of course naturally adapts to the environment, just as we can adjust to become an extension of any team. A koala is cute and approachable – and who doesn’t want to be considered cuddly (and the pouch too, very useful). 

If the Brew Digital Team were a superhero, what would our power be and what would we do with it?

We’d be a Green Lantern; able to conjure anything just through willpower, and the only limit to constructions is imagination. We’re basically already there, minus the whole flying through space thing…

Is there a celebrity that the Brew Digital team would mostly be like?

Mmm…tough one. We’d probably be the amalgam of Celine Dion, the A-team (yes, all of them), and perhaps Kermit the Frog. Celene Dion is exceptionally stylish and classy, and we like to think we are too. The A-team is a collection of different personalities, all collaborating together to work through challenging situations, get the job done, and can save you in a pinch. Kermit the Frog just seems like so much fun to work with, he’s a bit like a role model for working done right. Now, let’s all just take a moment to sit and reflect on what that celebrity might look like…

And, if there could be any job in the world for the Brew Digital team, what would it be and why?

Finally, an easy one! If we could have any job in the world it would be this one! No, honestly, it’s not a cop-out! This is a great gig. We absolutely love what we do, we know we’re good at it, and we love making cool things that people love – it’s very validating! Oh, and did we mention the office snacks? Top notch stuff! Honestly, we, the Brew Digital team are just wonderful people. And we know we would say that, but you can be comfy with us; say what you mean, express what you want. Eat our snacks.

Contact us to chat more about your next campaign, digital marketing needs, branding desires or to discuss the next step for your business. (We can also talk about Tech, tree-climbing marsupials or celebrity mash-ups…) 

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