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Why does having a Project Manager make my life easier?

July 28th, 2023   |   Tom Inniss

We know that running a business is a full-time commitment, and there aren’t always enough hours in the day to oversee another new project. Maybe you like the convenience of having a single point of contact, who oversees all stakeholder relationships. And sometimes it’s just better to know what you don’t know and bring in an expert to ensure things go properly. 

Whatever your reason, bringing in a Project Manager can be a great addition to your team. And bringing in a Brew Digital Project Manager…? Well, that can lead to something truly special. 

Experience in planning and organisation of teams

With years, or even decades (say it quietly!) of experience in Project Management, our team is well-equipped to take your idea from conception, to execution and evaluation. 

Having Brew Digital on your side from the start means you’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge in time management and stakeholder engagement. We'll help you identify where resources will be best allocated and when to ensure all the moving parts remain in sync, and can even advise on common challenges you might face, based on past experience. 

We can take your objectives and ensure that all teams have the same sense of direction.

We’re able to uncover the motives behind your objectives

That’s not to say you have a secret agenda (unless you do), but more to acknowledge that sometimes we say we want to achieve things, without really understanding why. Perhaps it’s what we think is expected of us, or what the competition has previously done, but at Brew Digital, we think differently. We want to work with you to achieve the best outcomes for you and your team, which might mean challenging some of your preconceptions and assumptions to produce the solution that lets your work shine. 

Handle the logistics and milestones

We endeavour to run workshops with all stakeholders at the initial stages of project development to get a full understanding of what you want to achieve, and then break it down into SMART objectives that can have KPIs assigned to them. This provides you and key stakeholders the right balance between granular oversight and a holistic understanding of how a project is progressing, and makes the process of allocating time and resources to any particular task easier.  

Manage risk mitigation and problem solving

Our Project Managers have seen it all, meaning they are well equipped to anticipate and mitigate the common pitfalls of a project before they even arise. For those times where the unexpected does occur, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your Brew Digital PM is an efficient problem solver, and can triage and suggest remedies to quickly get things back on track. 

Stakeholder management

Part of a Project Manager's role is to manage stakeholder expectations, both internal to the project team and external, outside of the project delivery team. We do this by using all the available information – both from our workshops and milestone meetings, and through reports and tracking information from the delivery team. This then informs how, when and why we communicate with various stakeholders, managing their interests while ensuring the project continues to move forward. 

In summary; a Project Manager is essential to delivering a project of any size, complexity or type. But also to ensure learning is captured and used to improve the next project, their communication is the oil for all the moving parts of the project machine and every team member is brought on the journey. Get in touch if you're curious.

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