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Marvels from the World

A fusion of sustainability and vintage for Marvels from the World

The brief

Marvels from the World is a sustainable gift brand that needed its brand and packaging designs developed. Our goal was to fuse the ethics and values of an eco-brand with a retro style to evoke wanderlust in customers.

Our approach

Taking inspiration from the golden age of travel, our design team developed elegant yet playful packaging. The core to the brand essence was highlighting ethical purchasing phrases such as G.R.E.T.A.: Genuinely Recycled Equipment for Transformation Altruism, ‘Upcycled’ and ‘Carbon Neutral Shipping’. Utilising these phrases, Brew Digital set about designing packaging and stickers which add value to every purchase, and provide an element of ‘delight’ to the experience of these important policies.

GRETA stickers designed.
rough sketch of the marvels illustration
final illustration of marvels of the world paper

The results

This packaging added value to every purchase and provided an element of delight to the experience. We focussed on the ethical message of this brand, highlighting carbon-neutral shipping and altruism in our designs.

Marvels of the world gift wrapping.

Being responsible in our consumption of goods should take precedence over the prettiness of packaging, but there’s no reason why the two can’t be mutually exclusive. Products are able to have an entirely ethical lifecycle, without any compromise on experience, and we here at Brew Digital are privileged to have been able to play a part in that through our work with Marvels From The World.

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