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Helping ScriptRunner create their own website, CMS and brand identity

The brief

ScriptRunner approached Brew Digital to help them extricate themselves from a larger entity’s website by creating a unique visual brand for it and building a new website that reflects that brand ethos – simultaneously.

Our approach

We wanted to ensure that ScriptRunner was live as soon as possible, so we structured the project in a way that meant building a new website, CMS and brand could happen concurrently. 

We spent a day together talking about the objectives of the project, the ideal user journey, and what the key content types were. This was amalgamated into a technical requirement document split into three phases, with each phase detailing ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to have’. It was also an opportunity to really push ScriptRunner into challenging their own assumptions about their brand, and really think about what they wanted ScriptRunner to represent.

“It [was so] collaborative and it felt like a shared project rather than us dropping a list of requirements into a void, which with some agencies can be the case… Brew Digital felt like an extension to our team.”
Jess Thompson, Senior Content Marketing Manager, ScriptRunner.

While ScriptRunner was running customer research to formulate their brand identity, Brew Digital began the work of building the website. Using everything we had ideated on together, we created an unbranded wireframe website that showcased industry best practices. A key objective was creating a tagging system that would scale as the website grew, as ScriptRunner were still launching other products alongside this work. We worked with their team to ensure the CMS met their needs and would grow alongside them.

“One thing that came out was our business continuing to evolve whilst we were working on the project…the Brew Digital team were invaluable in helping us figure that out.”
Jess Thompson, Senior Content Marketing Manager, ScriptRunner.

Once the brand research had been shaped up by ScriptRunner, we took the results and created a visual identity that really told the story of what made SciptRunner special. That branding flair was then added to the wireframe. We even had time to pull in some of their ‘nice to have’ features forward into the launch!

The results 

The large-scale migration of ScriptRunner’s content launched as a technical success. They saw traffic retention through redirects, and the site was ready for search crawlers which, combined with our SEO knowhow, meant that the site was getting an SEO health score of more than 90%. They are even seeing an increase in traffic through the acquisition of new keywords. The analytic tracking we put in place meant that ScriptRunner had a better understanding of what their users are engaging with, and how that then leads to financial and non-financial goal completions. We were also very pleased to build them a dedicated dashboard to see this data, rather than relying on the (monstrous) spreadsheet they used previously. 

This work was only phase one of a longer-term partnership. ScriptRunner are ambitious to continue refining their offering, and are committed to engaging the community in transparent communications regarding their road map – one of their core values. Check out

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