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Brew Digital

Lawrence House
5 St Andrews Hill

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Brew Digital

Lawrence House
5 St Andrews Hill

01603 343301
Monday - Friday 9am - 5:30pm

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    What We Do

    Our bread and butter
    tea and sugar

    Here at Brew Digital we pride ourselves on our people and their ability to create award winning solutions. Our service offerings are flexible to any size project.
    • Website Design
    • Branding Identity
    • UI/UX Design
    • Motion Graphics
    • Website Development
    • 2D/3D Illustration
    • Insights & Analytics
    • Presentations
    • Research & Discovery
    • Marketing Materials
    • Bespoke Development
    • Content Management
    • SEO Services
    • Great Cuppa
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    Driven by you.
    We’ll handle the AUX

    We put you in the drivers seat whilst we handle the AUX. In simple terms, you tell us exactly what you want and lead the project, we will provide the tunes.

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    We start by understanding you and your users needs

    To understand your project fully we like to understand both the goals of the project and your company’s core goal or mission statement.

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    Then we get creative based on your project brief

    Our approach when interpreting a project brief is to imagine how a user would want to interact with the product or service that is to be developed.

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    We use agile development methodologies.

    We cut up the project into chunks, with a minimum viable product delivered first, then new features added as ready, developing all the while in collaboration.

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    Content Production

    Stagnant content causes for a stagnant product.

    Allow your product to shout your brand with excellent content for your users. Don’t allow boring content to ruin your user engagement.

    Indecisive? Let us show you how we make decisions

    Break the stalemate with a Decision Sprint - a new facilitation process which gets you further in an hour than you have in a month.


    Catch up with us for a brew

    Please get in touch with us for a chat about a new project or just to tell us your favourite blend of tea!

      Preferred Contact Method

      Brew Digital
      Lawrence House
      5 St Andrews Hill
      NR2 1AD
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