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Eight tips for effectively repurposing content

Having read about the benefits of repurposing your content you’re now ready to give it a go, but where do you start? 

We’ve compiled a list of eight top tips to get your content reaching more people than ever before, and in turn creating more value from your marketing efforts. 

Identify evergreen content

Do you have content that remains relevant over time? These might be blogs about your work process, a sizzle reel, or an insight into a particular workflow or technology. This content doesn’t go ‘out of date’, so to speak, which means you can come back to it repeatedly, and it’s always of interest to your audience. Sprinkle this content in amongst everything else you’re pushing out to bolster your marketing efforts. 

Create a series of content

Creating a series of content is a great way to break up a long-form piece of content to make it easier to consume, while also boosting your SEO through backlinks and keyword clusters. This is also great if you want to explain in detail how a particular technology or process works (for example, copywriting!) or if you’re interviewing members of your team.

Transform the content into new formats

Why limit yourself to one format when the internet offers practically limitless possibilities? That blog can be easily turned into an infographic pulling out key quotes or data, and that podcast can become a video snippet that you post on social media. Your videos can be cropped to fit different social media platforms, or even turned into a podcast or accompanying blog. What’s great about all of this is each platform will have a different audience, meaning you will be seen by more people. There really are no limits to how you move content from one platform to another – just imagination! 

Customise content for each platform

Building upon the last point, it isn’t just enough to just take existing content, even if you transform the medium, and then post it across all your channels. A one-post-fits-all approach may work when you’re just starting out, but as you get to grips with social marketing, you’ll come to realise that each platform has its own culture or ‘vibe’, and that means the audience is on the platform for particular types of content. Think about LinkedIn and TikTok for example, they’re very different platforms, even though they are both social media. Even Threads and Twitter – both similar conceptually – have their own ecology and language. For your content to flourish you need to go beyond the basic formatting and cropping, and really make that content speak the language of the intended audience on each platform. 

Customer testimonials are great for business

Let your customers speak for you! They love your work so let the world know that you’re great at what you do. Take customer testimonials and turn them into social media pull quotes, or turn them into full case studies. You could even invite them to write guest posts on your site about what change they’ve seen since you’ve worked with them. Again, you could go as out there as you dare – how about bringing them onto a podcast, or joining you on Instagram Live to talk about their business and what you did for them? Celebrate your customers, and let them shout about you too!

Turn Q&A into blog posts

Do you find yourself fielding the same types of questions from your customers? An FAQ page is fine, but what about turning some of those more in-depth answers into blog pages. For example, Brew Digital has teams across the globe who all work together, and we get asked a lot about how we make that work, so we wrote about it! 

Thriving Across Continents - how we embrace our international teams  

Not only will it be interesting for your potential (and current) clients to understand more about how you work, but it could even be helpful for employees or yourself to really reflect on how you approach work, and evaluate if it’s still the best way. 

Give outdated content a spruce

Despite the name, not all evergreen content stays green forever, and there will come a point where some data is now out-of-date, or a process has changed. You don’t need to completely re-write your content, that is otherwise perfectly fine, just make adjustments to the bits that are outdated. It will take considerably less time, you get the benefit of using the same URL that has already been out in the world, and it shows that you are always on top of the data in your industry. 

Don’t forget about email marketing! 

Mailouts can be a great way to keep your brand in people’s mind, and an excellent place to repurpose content. If your company is producing lots of great content, take snippets and infographics that you’ve repurposed, and trail all that content in your emails so customers don’t have to go looking for it.  

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