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Q&A with Debbie Gacutan

Meet Debbie Gacutan, Social Media and Community Manager at Brew Digital

What’s your name and role at Brew Digital?

My name is Debbie Gacutan-Jardim De Oliveira, I am the Social Media Manager at Brew Digital, I focus mainly on The Adaptavist Group. 

What does a typical day look like for you? 

I don’t think there’s ever a typical day for a Social Media Manager as things are always moving and you always need to be on top of things. But if I plot out my day it consists of:
1. Housekeeping - making sure that emails/tickets are answered, looking at our channels, and following up on comments/DMs/conversations.

2. Catching up on projects and requests. 

3. Team calls. 

Bonus: putting out fires - thankfully, we don’t have a lot of these! 

What’s your favourite part of the job? 

I love being able to take ownership of my role; to decide where our social media is going, what opportunities we should take advantage of, who we should collaborate with, what trends do we test for our channel and more. The freedom to be able to design what my role means is what I love. 

What are the bits that are most challenging? 

Serving fresh content to our audience, the pressure of superficial KPIs, and the ever-evolving algorithms of the social platforms. 

I also find it challenging (but also rewarding) to rally different teams or people behind social. There are still some reservations about how effective social media is as a marketing channel, and some people are apprehensive about engaging with it. It’s challenging because your first community is the people you work with, but at the same time it's rewarding because it's another opportunity to hold conversations about the power of social media.

Why did you first decide to get into social media management?

​​Honestly, I fell into this role. In a previous business I was in sales and our Head of Marketing at that time felt the need to bring our social media to the next level. Interestingly enough, I was very into my social media game (frustrated instagram influencer here!) and I was successfully using social media as a tool to close leads. The opportunity came up and I stepped into the role.

What changes in the industry have you seen since you started?

I find that social media right now is seen as a serious marketing channel. More experts in the industry are even pointing to it to fill the funnel, nurture leads, build brand love, and more. When I started in this industry, social media felt like a “nice to have” and now it’s a must. The power that it holds for brands nowadays, good and bad, is incredible. In a time where branding and perception is so crucial, social media plays such an important role in connecting with your audience and sharing a more authentic voice/experience. 

Is there anything about the job that surprises you? Or something people might not know about what you do?

Hmmm…that I do not spend most of my time on the social platform itself? Haha! 

If a company only had the resource to commit to one social media platform, which do you think they should use? 

The social media platform…that is right for them! This is a trick question because it really depends on what your company does, who your audience is, and what value you give. 

Is there a platform you think is the most fun to use? 

I am a very big fan of Instagram - it has always been my home. In order to have a well-oiled Instagram account, you have to have a good grasp of who your audience is and what content resonates with them. This means you can post something plain or well's based on how well connected you are with your audience. 

Does having to be on social media for your job affect how you use social media personally? 

Yes! There was a time when I couldn’t even touch my personal social media because I was so tired of using it during the day. 

Thinking more broadly about the impact of social media, do you think it’s a net positive or negative for society? 

I’m an optimist, so I’d say it’s a net positive. Just like most things in life, social media really depends on how it is used and consumed. 

Do you have a secret skill or talent your work colleagues don’t know about?

I’m not sure if people know that I paint. I’m not good at it though, nor am I trained at it...but I am harbouring the dream that someday I’ll quit my day job and just sell my art for $$$. 

How do you spend your ‘off-time’? 

I’m a new mom! So off-time is either spent taking care of the baby or catching up on sleep. 

Do you have any book, film or TV recommendations? 

The last film that struck a chord with me was ‘The Whale’. Please watch it! 

Is there an upcoming or emerging technology that has you really excited? 

I’m jumping on the ChatGPT wagon. I just recently used it to help me come up with a title for a LinkedIn live show that I’d like to propose. I’d like to embrace this technology before it takes over my role haha! I'm also experimenting with Threads! I've downloaded it on my phone and I'm starting to get a feel if this is a channel that we should introduce to an existing client.

Why do you love working at Brew Digital?

Same reason why I love my job – the ownership and freedom that I enjoy. Of course, I’m still reporting to my manager but it is liberating to know that they trust me in this field. It's only possible I love my role because I work at Brew Digital. 

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