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Google Ads Performance Max campaign template spreadsheet

Performance Max is Google’s most recent campaign type. It is a kind of do-it-all black box solution that makes running ads across all the different campaign types as easy as possible. For busy marketers it is a great way of ensuring maximum coverage for minimum effort. Of course you do relinquish some control when you run PMax campaigns. 

Performance Max campaigns require a lot of different assets, copy and extensions and can be a total minefield to navigate without a campaign plan. Our Google Ads Performance Max campaign template spreadsheet includes all of the information you need to successfully run a Performance Max campaign.

1. Click Download the template 

2. Edit to your heart's content and start planning your Google Ads Performance Max campaign

Google Sheet Tabs - What they do

Ad Specs

Performance Max requires a wide range of creative sizes including static images, videos and logos. We’ve pulled together everything you need into an easy to understand page to make requesting from your design team as easy as possible. Make sure you include a video into your creatives for PMax or Google will auto-generate a video and it ain’t pretty! 

Ad Copy

Ad copy for your Performance Max campaign needs to go across Search, Display, Discovery and Video. You are asked to provide headlines, long headlines, descriptions and a short description that will be dynamically used across every single campaign type. Remember you will not have total control over how your descriptions and headlines appear so make sure they make sense together.  


Extensions are the additional space you can take up when you run Google Search ads. As Performance Max uses the search campaign type you need to provide Sitelinks, Callouts, Snippets and images. Extensions are a great way for your search ad to take up more space next to your competitors so make sure you don’t skip this step. 


Your negatives for Performance Max will be used across all your campaign types. That means you have to try and be as thorough as you can. Negative keywords are particularly important in tightening the audiences for your Performance Max campaigns. As you do not have as much control over your campaigns make sure to be thorough when you are creating them. 

Google Ads Performance Max campaign template spreadsheet

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