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Facebook Ads campaign template spreadsheet

There’s a misconception that Facebook (or Meta) Ads are less valuable to B2B companies, and can get overlooked. Yes, the targeting is limited for B2B – especially when compared to Linkedin. Yes, not as many people are using it as they used to. But no, it is not a platform to ignore. 

We find Meta particularly useful when using our remarketing data. It has a significantly cheaper CPM than Linkedin and can be a reliable source for quality traffic and leads if you use it correctly. 

Our Facebook Ads campaign template spreadsheet lays out all of the key things you need to consider when you are planning your Meta ad campaign.

1. Click Download the template
2. Edit to your heart's content and start planning your Facebook Ads campaign

Google Sheet Tabs - What they do

Ad specs

We’ve pulled together all the relevant creative information for you to pass to your designer so that you don’t have to. Ad sizes - tick. File type - tick. Resolution - tick. We always keep it up to date too. 

Single images

Single image ads are one of the most reliable options when it comes to Facebook ads. Our Facebook Ads campaign template spreadsheet gives you all the relevant spots to plan your ad copy out including primary text, headline, link description and URL. 


Just like on LinkedIn, Facebook offers carousel ads. Carousel ads are a collection of cards with individual copy and images that you can use to either tell a story or showcase some of your top products. Alongside your images you will need copy for each card, primary text for your post and URLs and a CTA. 


Video ads on Facebook are an effective way to try and capture your audience's attention. Remember that it is important to try and stop the scroll and make an impact in the first 3 seconds as your audience isn’t going to linger around for long. Alongside your video, you will need primary text, a link to a landing page, and a call to action that you will need to select from Facebook’s presets. 

Facebook Ads campaign template spreadsheet

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