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Google Ads Video campaign template spreadsheet

Planning a Google Ads video campaign can be challenging, especially if you’re not a paid media specialist. Even more so if you have to juggle paid media campaigns alongside every other channel.

Our Google Ads Video template spreadsheets will help you plan your video campaign and ensure you don’t miss any of the basics. We’ll help you in understanding the required ad specs, and explain what each of the tabs mean and the impact they’ll have on your campaign.

You’ll be up and running in no time! 

1. Click Download the template
2. Edit to your heart's content and start planning your Google Ads Video campaign

How to use this template

Ad Specs

These are the specifications for the video creative that your design team will need to supply to run your Google Ads Video campaign. 


The ad copy/headlines for your video adverts go here, alongside your URL links, YouTube video link and your Call to action. There’s also space for you to include any UTM parameters if you are not using auto-tagging in Google Ads. 

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords give you the opportunity to tell Google what keywords you don’t want your content to show up against. It gives you more control over where and when your Google Ads Video campaigns are shown. 

Negative Placements

Negative Placements tell Google what videos or channels NOT to show your content on. This is particularly important to make sure the context in which your video ad appears makes sense. We’ve pre-filled it with a long list of generic placements but make sure to add/remove what makes sense for your business. 

Google Ads Video campaign template spreadsheet

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