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LinkedIn Ads campaign template spreadsheet

Linkedin is one of the most important advertising channels if you are working in B2B. Our campaign template spreadsheet gives you the tools to plan your campaigns in the most effective way.

LinkedIn can be a challenging and expensive channel to see success on, but it doesn’t have to be. If you focus on tightening your audience as much as you can, creating top-quality and relevant content, and you ensure you are keeping any ad copy and creative fresh, there is plenty of opportunity for success. 

While there are more ad types than the ones we have included here, these are the ones we use most often and are the most basic to set up. Don’t forget to plan more than five combinations of your ad copy and creative to ensure that LinkedIn doesn’t limit the circulation of your ads

1. Click Download the template
2. Edit to your heart's content and start planning your LinkedIn Ads campaign

Google Sheet Tabs - What they do

Ad specs

Our ad specs tabs give you the required images sizes, resolution and file sizes for you to give to your designer. We update this regularly so it will always be up to date. 

Audience Research

Targeting the right people with your ads is one of the most important things to ensure success. While we expect you already have your CRM lists and website visitors set up, our sheet will give you the best space for planning how you are going to build out your native targeting options. 

Single images

Single images is one of the options you have for running ads on Linkedin. It is often one of the more effective ad options, and it relies on you supplying a single static image with primary text, headline, description and URL. 


Carousel ads are another ad-type option you have for Linkedin ads. A carousel ad is a combination of cards that include images and text that are combined to create a slide-show style format. They can be effective for either telling a story or showcasing multiple products. Your cards will be combined with primary text that will make up 


Video can be a powerful tool to tell your story, and our video tab gives you the ad copy options you are required to have alongside your video to ensure you get maximum coverage. Remember, your ad copy should entice your audience to want to watch the video and take any action.


Another option for your Linkedin ads is basic text. These ads are basic but they can be powerful so don’t disregard them. Our sheet asks you to provide your primary text, headline, call to action and any links and link tracking you require to analyse performance.

LinkedIn Ads campaign template spreadsheet

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