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Google Ads Discovery campaign template spreadsheet

Google Ads Discovery is one of Google’s newer additions to its advertising arsenal. In some ways it’s similar to the Google Display Network, but in other ways it is totally different. Our Google Ads Discovery campaign template spreadsheet helps you make the most effective discovery ads without all the hassle.

1. Click Download the template
2. Edit to your heart's content and start planning your Google Ads discovery campaign

Google Sheet Tabs - What they do

Ad Specs

Because Google Discovery has its very own ad sizes, our Ad Specs tab gives you an overview of all of the creatives that you’ll need to run a successful campaign. Send these specs over to your designer when they're starting to design for Google discovery. 


This is where the main copy for your ads lives. Similarly to Responsive Search Ads, Responsive Discovery Ads use a mixture of headlines and descriptions to create ad copy that is optimised to your audience. Make sure that your headlines and descriptions make sense together.


Carousel ads are similar to those that you may see across some of the social platforms. Just like Meta or LinkedIn, you have the option to create up to 10 cards with different images and copy. Our Carousel(s) tab allows you to plan your carousel ad clearly and simply. 

Google Ads Discovery campaign template spreadsheet

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