Web design

20 years of WordPress: Why you might consider WordPress over a bespoke website

WordPress is a powerful CMS that's in active development by a dedicated community. You can tailor a lot of the features to your own needs. There’s definitely benefits to a WordPress installation.

Digital Marketing

Redblaze; Enjoying their ROI with Brew Digital

Redblaze is an incentive and performance improvement agency. They had a specific business challenge, in which the Digital Marketing team did more than just rise to...

Web design

Rebranding ScriptRunner

ScriptRunner has recently undergone a brand metamorphosis. Jess and Lou chatted about this transition, how Brew Digital enabled it, and why this is only the start of the journey.


Who are Brew Digital?

Meet the team of web designers, web developers, business strategists and digital marketers that makes Brew Digital such an exquisite full service digital agency.

Project Management

How our Project Managers learn from each project

How our Project Managers learn from each project. Welcome to Retrospectives...reviewing a project in order to learn for the next one.


5 great resources for front-end development

5 great resources all front-end developers need, to help solve accessibility, compatibility and programming problems.


Brew Digital’s exciting expansion into North America

Digital agency Brew Digital continues growth by expanding into North America with the acquisition of Toronto-based Niche Studios. Read our blog now.


How-to: a guide to review design work if you're not a creative

Reviewing design work can be difficult. The worse outcome is the effectiveness of the design is diluted - taking it from brilliant to bland. This is our guide to getting a great design.

Digital Marketing

How to scare a social media manager

Managing a client relationship takes great communication skills. We’re also all familiar with the saying, ‘There are no silly questions.’

Product Management

6 Tips to help product managers innovate

Product Managers are always looking for new ways to delight customers. The innovation process can be arduous, hard work and doesn't guarantee success (but you will gain valuable learnings).


Evolving a colour palette - Colour Palette 2.0

Our parent company has a strong visual brand, and the core of that brand is its bold orange logo. For many years, they had a very simple brand colour palette consisting of five basic colours.

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